Frankie, Live in Las Vegas CD


  1. Angel Town (Live) Lyrics
  2. Baby Don't (Live) Lyrics
  3. Cinderella (Live) Lyrics
  4. Dirty Deed (Live) Lyrics
  5. One That Got Away (Live) Lyrics
  6. Burn out the Flame (Live) Lyrics
  7. Lovers on the Run (Live) Lyrics
  8. Cry Baby (Live) Lyrics
  9. Why Is the Whiskey Always Gone (Live) Lyrics
  10. Missin' You (Live) Lyrics
  11. I'll Cry Instead (Live) Lyrics
  12. Biggest Fan (Live) Lyrics
  13. Rock'n'roll Medley (Live) Lyrics
  14. Angel Town (Reprise) [Live] Lyrics


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