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Frankie hosts both the 34th and 36th annual “Yuletide Celebration”.  Backed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Jack Everly. These 30-show runs of Indiana’s most cherished holiday tradition are held at the historic Hilbert Circle Theatre.

Frankie performs many of the songs he wrote and arranged off his holiday album “FRANKIE’S CHRISTMAS PARTY”. Special orchestrations to the songs are made for the large orchestra. Aside from the 70 piece orchestra, there’s a full choir, tap dancers, acrobats, and even puppetry.

Frankie has 3 custom pianos made especially for this.  He even sports a full tux and tails for the closing number. “I’ve never changed outfits this many times in a show before,’ Moreno says. “That’s been the trickiest part of the whole thing for me. The cast and crew are so much fun to work with, I’ll definitely come back and do this again”.

Moreno stays in Indianapolis for the entire run of these shows, as well as the two weeks of rehearsals prior. A total of nearly two months each.  He quickly wins over the hearts of the locals as well as having many of his loyal followers from all over the country come to see the shows.  Frankie’s numbers are astounding.  For the two engagements, he pulls in over 4.2 million dollars in box office sales with nearly 96,000 tickets sold.