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Frankie gets in the wine business. He’s manufactured 3 separate wines, a top-shelf vodka, and an award-winning champagne. Frankie started his career playing bars across America. It is there that he found his appreciation for the finest spirits. He has created his own line of ultra-premium liquors, Angel Town Spirits, based in Sin City.

His neutral grain “Frankie Moreno Vodka” is distilled five times, and varietal filtered three times ensuring exceptional quality, purity, and taste.

His Red Blend, “Diva”, has been one of the highest selling red wines in Nevada. This blend is made up of 60% Merlot, and 40% Syrah. It’s bottled in the Reyes Winery in Aqua Dulce, California. It has a dark ruby color with aromas of ripe berries. Flavors of black cherry and plum give it it’s smooth finish.

His “Demure” Rose is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Symphony, and Tempranillo grapes out of California. This is a delicate wine blushing with a citrus aroma, honeyed silk, and a flirtatious blend of mixed berries. Hints of orange are quaint, yet coy as they hit your palate.

“Falsetto”, Frankie’s angelic Pinot Grigio is charmingly crisp. You can almost hear the overtones of jasmine, fresh green apple, and a riff of pear ending on a high note.

Finally, his award-winning, limited edition champagne is the life of any party. With several different bottles to choose from, including the signature Swarovski crystal bottle, this, semi-sweet, yet dry sparkling wine will become a favorite instantly.