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Frankie wins this award for the 5th time. Other nominees in this category include artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Reba McEntire, Celine Dion, Brittany Spears, Cher, Garth Brooks, and Elton John.

“The first time we won, I couldn’t believe it,” Moreno says. “I thought it was a mistake. Then, we won again. And again. It’s pretty surreal when I see who we’re up against. I mean, these are the artists I look up to. The ones who inspire me. I’ve been very fortunate to become friends with most of them, and it’s always strange when I see my name next to theirs”.

“All these awards I’m given come with a long list of names that should be attached to them as well,” Moreno says. “No award is singular. It takes a lot of people to achieve something. Every one of these goes to everyone involved in my camp, but mostly for all our friends out there in the FM Army who regularly come to the shows and buy the records. They are truly the reason any of this happens. They are the ones always out there cheering us on, allowing us to do what we do”.

Dubbed, the “King of Vegas”, Frankie has taken home awards for “Best Strip Headliner” “Best Long-Run Concert”, “Best Male Performer”, “Best All-Around Performer”, and even Vegas’ “Hunkiest Headliner”.