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When Frankie was in high school, he and his family sent in a video tape of his 94-year old great grandmother, Frances, playing the piano to AFHV. It’s titled “Granny Boogie”, and they win the grand prize.

The video is of Frankie’s hands through a blanket draped over Frances, pretending it is her playing piano. She sings while Frankie plays an old traditional Italian song. Frankie breaks into a boogie-woogie groove while Frances continues to sing her song. Her hearing is not the best, so she can’t tell there is a switch in the music. She finally realizes it and pulls her hands out, revealing that she is not the one playing the piano. She covers her ears and yells “Too much noise”.

Host of the show, Bob Saget, later goes on the David Letterman show, and when he’s asked if he has any favorite videos from his years of hosting AFHV, Saget replies one of his favorites was “Granny Boogie”.