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Frankie is inducted into the UNLV Hall of Fame. This induction is to honor the distinguished individuals who have made a profound impact on the arts in Las Vegas and around the world.

Frankie receives his award and gives an acceptance speech thanking the University for all they do for the arts.

“I dreamed about music every night and then I realized, as I grew a little older, that the dream is one thing, but you have to work real hard for this, and you have to learn a lot of skills. You have to have the passion, you have to have the dream, and you have to have the skills. UNLV gives everybody in this program the skills they need, and the tools they need to make those dreams come true”.

Frankie is also honored by The Nevada School of the Arts with the “Encore Award” for musical excellence and his continuous work with youth in the arts.

Frankie continues to set up music classes and provide musical instruments for schools all over Nevada. He continuously raises money for their music programs through album sales and concert events. He has even put guitar classes and songwriting workshops in place that didn’t exist in the schools prior.