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The media just can’t seem to get enough of the ever-evolving phenomenon that is Frankie Moreno. He is featured on billboard’s, television segments, marquee’s, newspaper headlines, and magazine covers on a regular basis.

  • “Frankie and his band are a ‘Must See’ for all Vegas travelers.” (Lonely Planet Travel Guide)
  • “The bottom line, it’s a show you don’t want to miss!” (Huffington Post)
  • “Moreno takes his artistry and turns it into an extraordinary evening of entertainment.” (Las Vegas Magazine)
  • “His charisma and talent shine through in every endeavor…” (24/7 Magazine)
  • “Icing the cake in Las Vegas is the exciting new resident headliner Frankie Moreno…” (Los Angeles Times)
  • “He can make a washboard sound like Beethoven.” (Robin Leach)
  • “He and his well-suited band have built a fun and freewheeling scene that hearkens to the days of classic Vegas live entertainment…” (Las Vegas Sun)
  • “You can see the appeal. The piano-pounding singer is as much funny Chris Isaak as matinee-idol Michael Buble, with Billy Joel knocking around there somewhere, too. It’s a party. You’re invited.” (Las Vegas Review Journal)
  • “Frankie Moreno just may be the second coming of the king.” (Where Magazine)
  • “By the time a cocktail waitress delivers shots of whiskey to the stage, and Frankie passes a bottle around the audience, and the brass section walks around the showroom like it’s a New Orleans parade, it starts to feel like one big musical family reunion. You instantly become part of his party.” (Vegas Seven Magazine)
  • “He makes being a charasmatic entertainer seem so effortless. And from witnessing his incredible show, it is clear Frankie is headed to the heights of superstardom.” (Vegas Rocks Magazine)